My Why - Katie "balms" for Her Mom

2015 began with my mother’s breast cancer diagnosis.  This was my biggest fear.  True to her character, she waited to share the news with her family until after the holidays….not wanting to ruin our Christmas.  Mothers are amazing like that.  My mother, my soulmate, is amazing like that.

When she told me about her battle ahead, her second diagnosis in my lifetime, I crumpled.  I fell to my knees, she tried to comfort me (me!) and then finally left me with my husband, Eric, to let me process.  As we began the treatment process I went to every appointment by her side.  We chose her treatment plan and everything went “as well as can be expected.”  After the surgery and treatments, though, cancer patients are traditionally left with largely no control.  Doctors largely tell you to “hope for the best”, and that there’s not much that can be done prevent recurrence.  That school of thought contributes to paralyzing fear.  My family found an amazing chiropractor on the advice of our founder (and my BFF), Lindsey Moeller, during my mom’s treatment…and it changed everything. 

Our chiropractor partnered with my mom, and showed her how to revolutionize her diet and exercise program to transform her body into a cancer killing machine.  Understanding our new approach to holistic health began a revolution.  It gave my family control, and empowered my mom to beat cancer for the second time. She’s now healthier than ever.

Traditional medicine will typically tell us that it’s luck of the draw, that there’s nothing anyone can do to prevent and recover from cancer.  Whereas, it’s now common knowledge that parabens and other chemicals in many household/beauty products contribute to cancer, as do our diets.  I choose to believe that there are other ways to prevent disease, and that trying them is better than doing nothing.  My family chose to change our diets, exercise more, rid our medicine cabinets of toxic products, and take natural supplements as a means to finding optimal health…and we’ve never looked back. 

This is why I’m here.  My purpose is to encourage you. To let you know that you are not powerless.  We can choose for ourselves how to optimize our health, and believe that the power that created the body can heal it.  My mom is a shining example of health empowerment, perseverance, and hope; and while I wish we didn’t have to endure the trials of the past years, it has taught us many important lessons, and opened our minds to natural medicine and homeopathic treatments.  I’m eternally grateful. I now have her to be the best grandma ever to my first baby, Liam. He's so lucky!


It is this knowledge and passion that fuels me to share my story.  Cancer is life-altering, but you can alter your life to beat it, and be better afterward.  While skincare is one means to spread this message, it garners a lot of attention and (hopefully) attracts a lot of people to the meaning behind our brand: balance your skin, your body, your life naturally….and amazing (and beautiful) things will happen.  If you would like to know more about my family’s cancer journey, or need encouragement for yours, please contact me on social media, I’d love to help.

In balance,