Open your Heart (Chakra)




Our capacity to love others–to truly put another person’s interests ahead of our own–stems from first loving ourselves. This positive self-love gives us a strong foundation to extend love to others. A true self-love will always start internally and extend outwards to those around us; thus standing in contrast to any pride, arrogance, or selfishness.


A valuable concept in this exploration of self-love is that of opening our heart chakra and allowing positive energy to flow. It helps to delineate between that which is truly positive self-love (which provides healing) and the negative energies that weaken our nature, both body and soul.



Birthed from an Indian tradition and practice, the chakras help to explain the mind, body and soul connection that supports positive health and well-being. Chakras include seven main centers of energy in our bodies. Positive energy unblocks these centers and allows our bodies to respond in balance and harmony; to heal itself both on a physiological and a psychological level. Negative energy creates a blockage which puts stress on our bodies deteriorating our overall health.



It is not random that we associate love with the heart. The heart as an organ has little to do with our care for others. But the heart chakra is located just above the organ and is the center of our love energy. This is the focal point from which the positive care and concern, both for ourselves and others, flows.


When the heart chakra is open, we feel love and compassion for others, as well as a greater sense of love, peace, and purpose for ourselves. An open heart chakra allows us to be centered enough to spend time on our own care and nurturing. Self-love that flows through this unblocked energy center extends itself into love for others.



If there is something blocking the heart chakra, our ability to love is crippled; we cannot truly love ourselves or those around us. This lack of love is the main indicator that something is wrong with this critical center of energy, but there are often other signs both physical and mental.


Physically, a blocked heart chakra can affect our heart, lungs, chest, arms, and hands. We can experience this as a feeling of closed-ness as we block ourselves off from heart-level interactions with the people in our lives. It also has deeper ramifications as it can lead to poor circulation and blood pressure as well as other heart and lung conditions.


A blocked heart chakra can also affect our mental state and can cause us to question our self-worth. With our self-worth in doubt, we may pursue harmful relationships as well as manifest trust issues. It may also lead to impatience and irritability in our daily lives.




Fortunately, there are many techniques to help us re-open our blocked heart chakras. Many of these methods focus on self-love as the first step towards re-centering this critical energy center. Some of these techniques include:




The simple act of slowing down and choosing to be mindful can help tremendously. Additionally, it can be very beneficial to center ourselves in gratitude and love through either a guided or free-form meditation. These focused exercises can help unblock our heart chakra.



Using affirmations of love is another powerful tool to an open heart chakra. It can be helpful to choose a few affirmations that are specifically meaningful to us and use them in our morning routine, carry them in our pockets, and post them in places easily visible to us throughout the day.


A few of the many possible affirmations include:

-       I am open to love.

-       All love resides within my heart.

-       I deeply and completely love and accept myself.

-       I nurture my inner child.

-       I am wanted and loved.

-       I live in balance, in a state of gracefulness and gratitude.

-       I love the beauty of nature and the animal world.

-       I forgive myself.

-       I am open to love and kindness.

-       I am grateful for all the challenges that helped me to transform and open up to love.

-       I am connected with other human beings.

-       I feel a sense of unity with nature and animals.

-       I accept things as they are.

-       I am peaceful.



Most of us are aware of the power of music; it can move us to tears or galvanize us to action. We can also open our heart chakra by purposefully listening to upbeat and joyful music and allowing it to lift our spirits. Upbeat music can also be used during mediation and bring these two valuable techniques together.



As the energy of positive self-love flows through this key energy center it helps bring balance to both our mind and body. At Balm we believe in all forms of positive self-love; whether it centers around the heart chakra, positive food and exercise choices, or the use of natural skin care products. We look forward to sharing this journey with you and would love to hear about how you practice self-love and the effect it has had on your life.