We Woke Up Like This (The Importance of Self-Care)

 Photo Credit: Avrielle-Suleiman

Photo Credit: Avrielle-Suleiman


The alarm sounds and you quickly emerge from a subconscious rest to hesitantly greet a rapidly-approaching day.  As each waking moment forms mental and physical waves throughout your body, a rhythm begins to form. Today is here and you can sense it all around you.


There will be many things that need your attention today, but there are three important and healthy steps that you should consider before you start:


1.     How Can I Engage in Valuable Self-Care?

2.     How Can I Put My Health First?

3.     How Do Recognize My Value?




Each day begins with a candid encounter between our inner-self and our physical reflection, a raw engagement with the image that appears as we prepare to face the world.  The extent of our choices of apparel, our personal care products, and the methods that we use to maintain our physical and mental form are all byproducts of our vision, our perceptions, and the feelings that we maintain about our life.


The key is to take time at the start of the day to consider how we feel and explore the underlying causes of our feelings.  Many self-care recommendations focus on a daily routine which can be beneficial when our feelings are aligned. Our behaviors, however, are influenced by our experiences and feelings. If we begin each day reflecting on how we feel, we can make the best choices for ourselves and get the most out of any routine.


The extent to which we engage in emotional self-care ultimately takes on a potent and valuable role in defining our character, our heart, our physical well-being, and our daily reality.




As we consider how to care for ourselves each day, there are a few behaviors that may help us to quickly replenish our strength and energy.


Practice Positive-Thinking


Focus on our strengths, approach each day with optimism, and plan to make positive contributions each day.  Keep a journal of positive encounters. When challenges present themselves, recognize that we possess beneficial experience in solving problems by appealing to our heart, mind, and intellect.


Celebrate Our Body


Develop a daily exercise or yoga routine as a way to build and restore physical strength and energy.  Spending 30 minutes exercising each day is a proven method of reducing stress. Also, make sure to get enough sleep to recover from the physical stress of daily life.


Make a Healthy Lifestyle a Priority


Eat a healthy and balanced diet that safeguards our physical and mental well-being.  Avoid mass-produced foods and personal care products that include harsh chemicals, additives, or preservatives. Whether our skin or our diet, our body deserves a chance to operate at its best within a natural environment. 


Accomplishing something first thing in the morning is sure to set the day in a positive motion. Try adding a glass of lemon water or a refreshing and non-toxic skincare routine to get a jump start on healthy intentions. 


 Photo Credit: Aletheia Patrick Photography

Photo Credit: Aletheia Patrick Photography





Making time for ourselves to reflect on our personality, our nature, and our identity can enhance positive thinking and improve our relationships with friends, family, and acquaintances.  Taking care of ourselves can also inspire others with whom we interact to reach beyond their inner limitations and experience increased self-esteem, higher levels of appreciation, and a strong sense of self-respect.


We are what we say we are. Knowing our value and applying it to verbal cues has significant influence over our thoughts, how we feel about ourselves and ultimately how we engage with others. Check out our blog on the Heart Chakra for some daily, positive affirmations to make a morning habit. 


As we continue to share with one another on the journey to bring balance to both the mind and body, we believe in the remarkable and transformational results of self-love; whether through the mind, the body, or the use of natural skin care products.


You are valuable, and you are worth it! We respect, honor and believe in YOU. Every morning, every day. 







Here’s to the rebels and troublemakers; the ones who believe health and beauty can coexist and are crazy enough to change the status quo in the beauty industry!