Can preservatives provide balance?

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Our skin is the largest and most visible organ in our bodies. Its overall health and appearance plays a large role in our physical and emotional balance. Interestingly, our skin requires its own balance of beneficial microbes in order to stay healthy. Anything we put on our skin that interferes with these microbes can upset this balance.



Problematically, the majority of the commercial skin products sold today consist mostly of inactive ingredients and preservatives designed to inhibit bacterial growth and keep the product shelf stable. These inactive preservatives don’t stop working when they are applied to our skin. Thus, the items we purchased to help keep our skin healthy, may actually be inhibiting the microbes our skin needs for balance, youthfulness and optimal health.


A good example of this is acne, the world’s most common skin disease. A recent scientific study shows that it’s not the absence of microbes (even those associated with acne itself) that is the differential between healthy and unhealthy skin. Rather, it was the presence of healthy and beneficial microbes which delineated acne-free skin with those that suffered from the disease. The study suggests that even a disease that is caused by microbes is better countered by creating a healthy microbial balance rather than with an antibiotic that lays everything to waste. The same concept applies to most preservatives used in most skin care products.


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Inactive preservatives are used because it makes good business sense, not because they are good for our skin. A healthier approach for our skin is to use raw, active preservatives that foster beneficial microbe growth. For example, our Toning Water uses Raw Apple Cider Vinegar because is plays a host of glorious roles, one of which is preserving the product with its low and acidic pH. However, it still thrives with live cultures from "the mother". Our blogs An Apple a Day and Why Tone explain more about the all-around benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar. A low pH solution swimming with healthy microbial balance is exactly what our skin needs to glow. These are the types of preservatives our skin deserves. See how nature just makes sense!


More good, please!

Active preservatives take the approach of filling the space with the beneficial, rather than inhibiting all bacterial growth and hoping the results are good. It’s always easier and more productive to fill an area (whether it’s our homes, our thoughts, or our skin) with that which is helpful and positive, than to spend our time removing the good with the bad and hoping we like whatever comes next.


Balm Skincare products don’t use inactive preservatives that inhibit beneficial microbes. Rather our products focus on balance in bacteria and our skin. We find that it’s easier to create balance in the whole when there is balance in each part.


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