We all have a story to tell...


Balm's story consists of strength, perseverance and self-love. We share this same story with many others affected by environmental diseases and hardships. We envision a world where making healthier lifestyle choices is an easy and convenient decision, but it's going to take a tribe of consumers, individuals, families, and companies to join our mission to make this a reality.


So, we are asking you to stand with us.


To "balm" means to commit to higher standards. This encompasses products, food choices, relationships, or any aspect of life. This is a personal pledge to make conscience consumer decisions based on what's best for your health, your community and your world.


How to pledge


Click "pledge now" below and complete the form. Tell us who, what, or why you "balm."  We all have a reason that leads us to make these lifestyle changes. Personally, we choose to "balm for" our moms. We encourage you to include your story and/or picture to showcase your commitment and for a chance to be featured on our social media or blog. 



Lindsey Moeller

Katie Schacht

Kayleigh Werling

Gretchen Carothers

Kelsea Wiggins

Lauren Hafley

Samantha Miller

Jocelyn Waldman

Brooke Binkley

Ali Patrick

Dan Appelt

Faith Hampton

Deidra Schacht

Thrive Beauty

Maxx Crowder

Nikki SooHoo

Alison Moeller

Vicki Appelt

Tahler Sdao

Eric Schacht

Olivia Wiser

Refresh Aesthetics

Brandi Marie King

Beverly Mitchell

Mara Moeller

Rikki Roehrenbeck

Jeremy Appelt

David Appelt

Stephanie Creamer

Abi Sapoval

Ashley Argota

Ashlee Keating




Donate to our campaign and help extend our reach.  100% of every donation will go to our mission of bringing more raw and organic self-care product offerings to the marketplace.